where shall we go this summer?

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like Damon, I enjoy brushing my teeth in the shower.
do you love Justin also? (:
White privilege




Forty-six million white adults today can trace the origins of their family wealth to the Homestead Act of 1862. This bill gave away valuable acres of land for free to white families, but expressly precluded participation by Blacks.

"how do I have privilege?"

I’m using this in my essay about how the American dream is a racist myth

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sometimes I feel a little awkward or left out here in school. But other times, I feel like if there’s any place I’ve ever belonged, it’s here. Everyone is watching you which frustrates me because i don’t have it all together, and for the most part I have a good time learning my way. it’s just hard to grow when everyone’s shoving ideas in your face you know? Unlike most people I know, there’s no one in my life who I can tell things to so I keep all this stupid shit in and sometimes make it worse and further confusing. I wont even post on here because I know a couple people who might take it personal and concern themselves with opinions about me. I have Mike and I am grateful but, once the circles end and he settles down, Ill be alone again and that makes me sad. If I were home, I could slow the process but its not good to think those things. I ts not good to feel these things and I just want some attention.The kind you can give back, not the kind you regret the next morning. 

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Richard and Mildred Loving and their family.

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When I have the sex talk with my kids I’m just going to tell them to follow the basic rule

“If your age is on the clock, you’re too young for the cock”

yeah, and when my kid turns thirteen imma go,

Sit back down, I was talking about military time.

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